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Jun 22, 2014

The Abah Story.

Last week (15 June 2014) was the father's day.
As expected, my timelines were flooded with praises and pictures of fathers. Everyone was trying to show how awesome his/her daddy was, like it was a race or something.
No. It was great to show appreciations especially toward father but too many of something was kind of
Nevertheless, some were sharing good stories, but others just to celebrate.

for my story not to be engulfed by other stories, I waited one week to share about my Abah.
..and this is my story of Abah.

When I was a little snot, I was taught not to manifest my problems through facial dan behaviour expressions. Somehow, it makes me seem like I'm the one with no problems, a cheerful and happy-go-luck type of person. But as human, I also have my own issues.

Last week, I was in my lowest pit of morale. When all your efforts seem not to be in any fruition, you have nothing to feel except to feel down. But yet as a very good life actor i am, no one ever notice it.

Proceeding the story, my parents informed that they were going back to kampung on three-day weekend. So as for the weekend, there would be only me and my two sisters. Then a weird moment came in action.

"Will you please water the plants when I'm gone?"

Bizarred, Abah asked me a favour. It was weird because as a man, Abah never asked his sons any favour. Never. Especially when there were two of his daughters around. Why me? Why not asked my sisters as you always did?

"..and talk to the plants while you're watering them. It helps the plants to grow healthy and happy."

As a biology major, I never heard anything about talking to plant will make it healthier, or happier, or at least not scientifically proven. But as a good son I'm pretending to be, I agreed to water his garden while he's gone.

Day 1 (Friday).
I watered the plants just once before dusk, without talking to them. For me, it was unheard of to talk to plants. I might be mistaken as a crazy man with a sad love back story. Watering plants just took 10 minutes, which was for me it's okay.

That night I wondered, what if I give it a try.

Day 2 (Saturday).
I went to water the plants in the morning. While showering them with water from a pail, I tried to talk to them. From a simple topic like the hot weather, I realized I went too far when I was about to talk about my issues. Then I stopped. Never realized it already took 30 minutes of my time. I was too enjoying it.

That noon, as the soliloquy hit me, I couldn't deny that talking to the plants somehow eased me.

So that evening, second time for the day, I watered the garden again. This time I was all in. I talked mostly about myself and my problems. I complained about my luck. I carped like a carp. I even whined like a swine. Seriously, it effectively helped me ease my feeling.

Day 3 (Sunday).
As I was about to water the garden for the morning session, I realized something. The thing that made me felt ease was not talking to the plants, but to talk about the problems. It was nice having someone (something) to talk to, especially about problems and life issues. It might not solve the problems, but at least the problems was not being kept inside me and rotted.

For the last two sunday sessions, I kept it simple. I was just asking about the plants' conditions, touching their leaves, branches, roots just to make them felt appreciated. Being connected with nature somehow ease the sore inside me, and for that, I thanked them.

But mostly, I thanked my Abah for asking me the favour. I learned a life lesson; not to keep problems to oneself. Find a listener. Talk about your problems.

"How the plants? Did you watered them?" Abah asked right after his return.

"Of course I did-lah, Abah. I even sang to them."

I am not sure Abah asked me to do the chore on purpose but I would like to think that because he saw me in my lowest state that he would ask me to do it as to ease me. Maybe it's his little way to say that he cared.

For that, thank you Abah.
You may not the world greatest dad, but you definitely MY greatest dad.

Here's my drawing of you riding a shark, as you have always dream of.

Sebaldi aku berpeluh nak menulis dalam english.
Sekali-sekala tulis dalam english, memang penat otak nak kikis karat.
Maklumlah, hidup lama sangat dalam negara bangsa sendiri...hahahaha.

Kalau ada tersalah tatabahasa atau ejaan tu,
kalau nak betulkan, silalah.
Kalau nak buat bahan pun aku tak kisah.
Hidup kan satu proses pembelajaran. Gah Gah Gah!

Jumaat lepas Abah aku kemalangan motosikal di sebelah pagi. Alhamdulillah, dia selamat. Dia pengsan di tempat kejadian, dibawa ke hospital dan terima 14 jahitan di muka. Dapat MC 5 hari.
Tapi, yang bawa bebelan kepada emak aku ialah walaupun dia kemalangan sebelah pagi, tapi ahli keluarga tiada seorang pun diberitahunya. Dia melarang sesiapa hubungi keluarga semasa di hospital. Lepas keluar dari hospital, dalam keadaan badan dan tangan berbalut dan muka berjahit, dia ke pejabat dan sambung kerja dia macam biasa sampailah petang habis waktu pejabat baru balik. Kami di rumah hanya tahu bila dia sampai ke rumah selepas melihat keadaan dia. Dia juga sempat pesan dekat rakan sepejabat dia supaya jangan bagitahu ahli keluarga dia. Katanya, "Nak buat surprise!"

Emak aku merah muka tahan marah.

Doakan Abah sembuh cepat ya.



  1. Helo bro, good cero kau memang pandai dalam english.

    Ps: cerita macam memang bermakna , and doakan abah cero.
    Salam HEROES semua.

    1. @Heroes Reborn
      Haha, thank you, whoever you are...heheh

  2. power power... aku pernah buat gak bercakap dengan pokok.. memang lega habis.. hua hua hua...

    semoga abah cEro cepat sembuh.. kuat betei semangat dia... huhuhu

    1. @Aujinz
      aku, kalau bab pokok2 ni mmg tak brapa pandai sgt...
      rasanya tak mewarisi dr abah aku, tu yg jd tak pandai tu...hahaha

  3. that wasn't a surprise I intend to receive from my family members I guess.. anyhow, hope he'll get better. syafakillah..

    somehow the way our father shows that he cared for us is different. we might not notice it at the moment.

    1. @Haryz Khairuddin
      Yup. he cares in his own way.I think maybe he was raised by a family of all men, so when it comes to his own sons, he'll be a lil bit retention..heheh

  4. oh, i used to talk to the plants in my garden when i was little... it just happened automatically and instinctively, and i even frantically talked to my cats... well that's what my mother told me when i'm not so little anymore... hahaha, creepy lah! X3

    dayyum, your dad baget tough la tu takmo bagitau dia kemalangan, balik rumah kasi surprise... adeh, semoga cepat sembuh... happy father's day to all good dads in the world~ ;3

    1. @plain83
      Maybe my neighbors that saw me doing that will think I'm crazy...
      Doesn't matter...hahaha
      Abah mmg macam tu..Dia umur dah lanjut, tp bajet badan orang muda...hehehe

  5. Wow! you should major in language such a good writer..keep it up!
    aku bahasa melayu ke english ke..semua hancur..haha grammar dan tatabahasa tunggang terbalik..selalu konfius..haha

    Father will always be the greatest superhero ever in our life. A good father will be a good role model for his children. :)
    I want to find someone like my father..a superman! haha

    1. @Miss Comot
      major in language? Muahahaha...
      Pernah jugak terifikir tapi tak laa sampai nak amik major...hahah

      The love of a dad is very different from mom's.
      Dad is more to look up to, but mom is more to tender with...kan?

  6. Donno what to say but all the best to ur dad and also to u. Ok ke BI gini? :p. So how's ur dad now?


    1. @Zul
      Abah better day by day..
      The scratches on his face heal slowly, but I think there'll be scars here and there..
      "Baru nampak jantan.." he said.

  7. Lagu misty mystery mungkin boleh menenangkan kau ,cero.

    1. @Heroes Reborn.
      Nanti aku try youtube Misty Mystery ni..Gigih betul ko promote dekat aku, kan??

    2. Aku saje jelah, sebab lagu tu opening magic kaito....

      Ps: nanti apesal ade perkataan " whoever you are" kat situ?

  8. Pergi mampusss lah kau cerooo!!!!! Haha

    1. @Anonymous 2244
      Nanti sampai ajal semua orang pun akan mati juga...kan? ;)

    2. Betul tu cero ....

      Ps: pernah jumpa subaru okiya tak kat komen sini, kalau ade buat tak tau.

  9. Susah gini cero. Doakan abah cero.

    Ps:salam heroes semua.

  10. semoga abah cEro sembuh cecepat. Boleh pulak kata serprais, haih cool bebenauu.

    1. @nanadhoi
      Surprise-surprise pon aku tau dia tu sakit jugak tu...hehehe

  11. Wow. bangga dengan kau menulis dalam English. Aku pun tak pernah try. Anyway, nice story bro. Mungkin aku pun perlu bercakap dengan pepokok..

    1. @Sophie Al-Yahya
      try laa Sophie...
      Try dua2..
      Buat entry dlm english (which is tak ada masalah utk ko)
      and try jugak bercakap dgn pepokok...hehehe

  12. tudia english macam ayaq ! punya terer !
    cara abah is olwez lain dari yang lain hehe

    semoga abah cero terus sihat :)

    1. @anamizu
      InsyaAllah...Abah pon dah makin sihat dah sekarang...


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